Web3 Social Media Marketing Agency

Web3 social media marketing is complex and requires constant effort. Your audience isn’t just a target; they’re active participants in the conversation. This is the new reality of digital marketing.

We offer growth-focused social media marketing for blockchain and crypto projects, creating immersive journeys for your audience.


What is Web3 Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing for blockchain technology leverages traditional social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit, as well as emerging Web3 platforms like Farcaster, Telegram, and Discord to communicate and grow Web3 communities. 


Our Social Media Services 💥

1: Graphic Design 

2: Social Media SEO

3: Copywriting 

4: Content Calendar Creation 

5: Storytelling 

6: Reporting 

7: Engagement posting 


Why Should You Choose Guava Studio?

Unlike most marketing agencies, Guava Studio excels in both Web2 and Web3 social media strategies. Led by founder Callum Kennard, we deliver results by focusing on storytelling, trends, and A/B testing.

Many Web3 projects fail by over-explaining the technology instead of its significance. We avoid this mistake by crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

We use platforms like Telegram and Discord for community building, while also managing traditional social media channels. Our approach ensures your message engages and excites your audience, driving real growth and engagement.


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What’s The Difference Between Web3 & Crypto Social Media vs Traditional Social Media?

This flavour of social media marketing is all about building and leveraging communities, unlike traditional social media, which focuses mainly on brand awareness. Platforms like Telegram and Discord are key in the Web3 and crypto spaces because they offer a private, collaborative, and exclusive environment.

While both traditional and crypto-focused social media management share many tools and platforms, managing this new arena requires a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the unique dynamics of its communities.


What Can Guava Studio Do For Your Project?

Social media can feel like a high-effort, low-reward task for new projects, but it’s critical to the success of any project. Our social media services boost your online visibility and enhance your brand’s engagement, relatability, and clarity. 

You can expect quantifiable month-on-month growth, heightened reporting and visibility of your social media trends, greater traction of users and retention and more free time to spend growing your business. 


How Do We Work?

We primordially work with our clients on growth retainers to build sustained momentum. We also offer campaign-based projects as part of larger cross-channel campaigns.


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