Google’s March Update: All You Need To Know

Google’s March Update: All You Need To Know

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So Whats the Crack? ☘️

Googles search results have gotten quantifiably worse over the past few years. Google’s latest SEO update attempts to bring back the good old days. You know, when users could actually find what they’re searching for!

The March update consists of both a core update and a spam update. These changes are marked as more substantial than previous updates. The Mission? Make Google great again through enhancing the quality of search and combating rampent low-quality and spam content.

Key Takeaways 

 1. Theres a New Definition of Spam

Google now includes websites “created primarily to match very specific search queries” in its definition of spam, targeting AI-generated Q&A-type spam sites.

2. ‘Content at Scale Sites’ are targeted 

The update emphasizes Google’s commitment to addressing “content at scale sites,” indicating a focus on all low-quality content, whether produced by AI, humans, or a combination.

3. Repurposed Domains are Now Policed

Google has clarified that expired domains repurposed to boost search ranking with low-quality content will now be as deemed spam.

4. Third-Party Content Got a Warning

A two-month advance notice was issued. From May 5th, Google will take action against sites hosting “low-value, third-party content produced for ranking purposes.”

Whats the Real-World Impact?

  • Google swiftly de-indexed numerous low-quality websites using heavy AI content. This indicates a targeted effort against their new defintion of spam.
  • Manual actions labeled as “Misleading content” started affecting sites in News and Discover on 7th March. Potentially suggesting a potential phase two of the update?
  • Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines have also been updated to advise low EEAT (experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) scores for websites mentioning AI-generated articles with potential errors or outdated information to improve, or face the repercussions!
  • Interestingly users have been reporting penalties on websites with no AI content, underscoring Google’s broader focus on low-value content. (ouch!)

Whats This Mean? 

In essence, brace yourselves for a significant drop in those soulless, AI-generated content pieces. Lets fact it, they have unfortunately become all too common. If you work within an SEO Marketing Agency or if you’re an SEO professional, you’ll be rightfully compelled to shift your focus towards crafting  high-quality, EEAT-compliant content. But you probably were already right?

Anticipate a surge in demand for reputable SEO marketing agencies and professionals as online stores grapple with the repercussions of past subpar SEO practices. All said and done, this update was a necessary move to realign Google’s ranking system and restore order to the SEO landscape.


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