How To Get Published Organically in the Crypto Media

How To Get Published Organically in the Crypto Media

As a provider of Web3 PR services, we understand the crypto media is a reckoning force to propel new projects forward. The heavy hitters of Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Blockworks and BeInCrypto draw in a combined 21.7M readers every month. Meaning there’s a lot of eyeballs to be won in the Web3 PR game.

It’s the crypto media’s duty to cover and represent an industry set to be worth more than 5.5 Billion by 2030. So, Web3 projects need more and more compelling content to secure their media slots. Let’s discuss how to get this done. 

Owning Your Narrative

Every company worth its salt has a strong main narrative. The best narratives enhance a realistic, but exciting vision that will positively impact various groups and industries. For example, Tether’s narrative encapsulates its march towards providing more utility to currencies. Likewise, the narrative of the recently launched SUI token champions its lightning fast transaction speeds.

Narratives like these flirt with disruption and positive change that can have a wide-ranging impact. When crafted successfully, narratives can make every announcement, partnership and innovation exciting. Each is another step towards making a grand vision the new reality.

With a strong narrative, every op-ed, press release or feature piece published, works as a smaller piece of a much larger story. It is the strength of this story and how it is told that determines whether the journalist or editor is able to move your story further or not. 

In practice, this means always working your PR content, into your wider narrative. I.e What’s the update, why it’s important, and what it means for the industry? This is especially important for new projects, for they need to present new and inspiring ideas perfectly.

Owning your main narrative is a sure way to get seen by journalists, and to captivate new audiences. But to really enhance your content, you also need to work in the wider industry talking points, headlines and developments into your story. Ask yourself, how could your development impact something else in the headlines? And why could this be interesting to a reader?

Tailor Your Content 

Remember to tailor your content to fit the audience profile of your selected news outlet. Ask yourself whether this content caters to crypto beginners, intermediates, or experts. Consider the audience’s interest in finance or industry news. Are they business owners or crypto enthusiasts? Identify the audience and ensure the content resonates with them. Reviewing previously published content on the site will provide valuable insights on how to present your material effectively.

Furthermore, editors are busy people, so making your content more accessible to them will do you favours. Each crypto news outlet should provide you with a format checklist. This will offer advice around headings, internal and external lists, and if you’re lucky will also provide a list of recommended topics too. So, if you don’t have one yet, make sure to ask.

Provide Value & Keep it brief

Writing for the crypto media is an amazing opportunity to throw your innovative mind into the public ring. Incorporating unique opinions, ideas and visions into your content can be contributions to the industry. But remember, amazing copywriters are able to convey information without writing a whole dissertation, and editors will love you for keeping it to the point. Most press releases should be no more than 450 words with op-eds being under 750 words. To avoid your readers (and the publishing editor) from losing interest keep your content concise and value-packed. 


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