Web3 SEO Has Been Ignored: Why This is an Opportunity

Web3 SEO Has Been Ignored: Why This is an Opportunity

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a fundamental tool for online visibility, yet many Web3 brands have yet to embrace it. In a space as dynamic as Web3, this oversight is significant. Even major entities within the industry have not dedicated efforts to rank for relatively basic keywords. But for newcomers, it’s left a unique opportunity.

Dicotamy of Web2 & Web3 Marketing

The reluctance of Web3 brands to adopt SEO can be traced back to the industry’s origins. Initially small and niche, these companies didn’t see the need for traditional web visibility strategies, viewing them as relics of the Web2 era. Moreover, traditional Web3 marketing has revolved around cultivating tight-knit communities on platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, diverging from mainstream digital marketing tactics.

However, as the Blockchain space aims to transition users from Web2, Web3 SEO will become a critical bridge. The interactive, decentralised nature of Web3 can only benefit from the structured, wide-reaching capabilities of SEO. Despite having huge target markets, 62% of funded Web3 projects attract fewer than 100 monthly organic visitors per month. This divergence from past marketing strategies presents a unique chance for both established Web3 players and newcomers alike. The competitive field in Web3 SEO is still relatively sparse, offering easier inroads for those ready to invest in SEO.

An Opportunity for Web3 Start-Ups

For small and upcoming brands, this scenario is especially promising. Without the heavy competition typical of more mature industries, even less dominant players can secure high rankings for crucial keywords, growing their visibility and their user base.

The takeaway is clear: there’s an untapped opportunity in Web3 SEO. Brands that recognise and act on this potential stand to gain significantly. As the industry matures, those positioned at the forefront of this SEO wave will likely reap substantial rewards, securing their place in an increasingly digital future.

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